Children’s Dental Treatment Price List – PN

1 Examining, advising and giving oral care tips for children and parents : 50.000/visit.
2 Cleaning and polishing for children (under 13 years old): 200.000/visit.
3 Applying fluoride to prevent tooth decay: 300.000/2 jaws.
4 Sealants filling to prevent tooth decay: 300.000/tooth.
5 Cleaning, shaping and filling primary teeth with enamel decay (level 1): 100.000-200.000/tooth.
6 Cleaning, shaping, and filling primary teeth with carious dentin (level 2): 300.000-600.000/tooth.
7 Cleaning, shaping and filling the primary teeth pulp: 1.000.000 – 3.000.000/tooth.
8 Preparing, shaping and placing available metal crowns on primary teeth: 2.000.000/tooth.
9 Extracting primary teeth using local anesthetics: 100.000/tooth.
10 Dissolve the teeth with local anesthetic injection: 200.000 – 500.000/tooth.
11 Placing space maintainers for permanent teeth when primary teeth are lost early: 3.000.000/tooth.
12 Orthodontic treatment for children at mixed dentition stage: 10.000.000 – 15.000.000/Depending on the case.

The cost of examination and consultation is refunded if the parents decide that the child would have treatment in Lan Anh Dental Clinic.