Periodontal Disease Treatment Price List – PMH

1 Periodontal pockets to smoothen the root surface of incisors 500.000/tooth
2 Periodontal pockets to smoothen the root surface of canines or pre-molars 700.000/tooth
3 Periodontal pockets to smoothen the root surface of molars
4 Gum surgery, shaping the gums and lengthen the crown 1.500.000/tooth

* Difficult cases which require to clean the furcation: +300.000/tooth

– Doctors at Lan Anh Dental Clinic directly do the treatment for patients and use specialized equipment manufactured in Germany for periodontal treatment.


Periodontal disease is a disease that causes the gums, ligaments and bones around the teeth to be damaged. The disease usually occurs in the form of gingivitis, causing gum swelling and bleeding when brushing. As the periodontal disease progresses, the disease destroys the ligaments and the bone around the teeth that cause gum recession, loose teeth, and weaken chewing ability to an extent that patients may lose the teeth.

a) Gingivitis and periodontitis are caused by:
• Bacteria in food plaque due to unclean or improper dental hygiene.
• Bacteria sticking in the tartar on the gums and under the gums. Teeth can only be cleaned using specialized equipment by doctors.
• Chronic systemic diseases like diabetes make periodontal disease progress fast.
• Cigarette smoking reduces the amount of blood supplied to the bones around the teeth, causing periodontal disease to progress.
• In some cases of hypersensitivity, the immune system tends to be sensitive to the pathogen causing periodontal disease, making the disease progress rapidly and vigorously.
b) To prevent periodontal disease:
• You need to maintain proper oral hygiene.
• You should see a periodontist for tartar removal, as well as consult your dentist for the best dental hygiene for your situation.
• Chronic systemic diseases like diabetes need to be well controlled.
• You should quit smoking.
• If possible, you should have orthodontic treatment to straighten your teeth for easier dental hygiene. Orthodontics – braces also help your teeth stay in the best position on the jawbone, creating firm and stable system throughout your life.
• If your root easily has plaque buildup, see the doctor to treat the surface of the tooth, combined with the use of hygienic tools in the gums such as toothpaste.
• Mouthwash also reduces the rate of harmful bacteria. You should see a doctor to advise which type of mouthwash is best for you.