Teeth Extraction and Surgery Price List – PN

1 Extraction of incisors 1.000.000/tooth
2 Extraction of canines or pre-molars 1.500.000/tooth
3 Extraction of molars 2.000.000/tooth
4 Root extraction 500.000 – 1.500.000/tooth
5 Extraction with bone grafts depending on the case Depending on the case
6 Wisdom tooth extraction (upper jaw) 1.500.000/tooth
7 Wisdom tooth extraction (lower jaw) 2.500.000/tooth
8 Impacted wisdom tooth extraction (minor surgery) 3.500.000/tooth
9 Surgery to cut the top of the tooth 2.500.000/tooth

* Extractions are done by doctors who specialize in surgery and implant placement : +1.000.000/tooth.
* Difficult cases: malpositioned teeth, teeth with abnormal roots, deformities, teeth which are difficult to extract and require surgery or bifurcation: +500.000 – 1.000.000/tooth.
* In case of extraction with bone grafts for implant placement: the cost incurred based on the amount of grafted bone, done by an implantologist.
* 50% discount on tooth removal for orthodontic patients in Lan Anh Dental Clinic.
* 50% discount on tooth removal when patients decide to have implant placement or fixed bridge restoration in Lan Anh Dental Clinic.

– Extraction at Lan Anh Dental Clinic is done with minimally invasive techniques, minimizing the traumatic and postoperative pain.
– Tooth extraction equipment are premium instruments manufactured in Germany.
– Sterilization of equipmen conforms strict standards of Germany.


• You should bring all previous medical records such as diabetes, cardiovascular, liver and kidney function, blood tests, etc. (if any).
• For your health and safety, you should tell your doctor all the health problems you have, or that you think you are experiencing, such as asthma, allergies, etc.
• Usually, your doctor will ask for an x-ray to examine your teeth before the extraction.
• Your doctor will tell you the details (the level of difficulty) of the tooth before the extraction. In some cases, the doctor will write a prescription for you to reduce the infection and the swelling before the tooth extraction to make the procedure easier and more convenient.
• The structure of the tooth is sometimes complex, making it difficult to extract and may take longer than expected.
• Complications of tooth extraction may occur, you should ask the risk and consult your doctor before proceeding.