Why should you choose Lan Anh Dental?

Lan Anh Dental (LAD) specializes in porcelain inlays/onlays, porcelain veneers, orthodontics and dental implants.



Our dentists and professional staff at LAD are highly qualified with many years of experience, uniquely in implant, restorations, orthodontics and many of our dentists have been previously educated and trained in the United States and Europe.

Lan Anh Dental is state-of-the-art, equipped with modern technology, sterilizing system by world standards, laboratory porcelain restoration, providing safe, accurate, aesthetic, and speedy treatments.

Lan Anh Dental uses modern techniques and advances in dental technology, and provides high quality dental care and services for our clients.


Our professional staff can always be reached for information or consultation at Lan AnhDental via telephone, email, and our website.

Professional management system

Lan Anh Dental manages client profiles and appointments through computer applications, providing accurate and long-term archival.

Dental staff readily support clients by providing information, advices, answers to questions, and listen to patient concerns through phone and email. Patients from afar and other countries may contact the dental office through phone and email for advice. Clients from afar such as from Vung Tau, Da Nang, Ha Noi and foreign countries such as US, Australia, Europe have been highly satisfied with provided personal treatment plans, processing time, cost of treatment, and exceptional care at Lan Anh Dental; hence, effectively eliminating superfluous time and expenses.

All treatment plans abide by strict qualifications, thus providing the best, stable and effective, results for clients.

Lan Anh Dental is equipped with up-to-date dental systems, in compliance with international standards (Digital paranomic x-ray, Conebeam , Cephalometric X-ray, etc). which help improve image clarity, generate images of the entire jaw structure and reduceradiation exposure (20 times lesser than commonly used X-ray machines). The X-rays are crucialin creating customized dental treatment plans, making implants at Lan Anh Dental clear, accurate and safe.


CT scan system 3D Cone Beam

Separate dental sterilization systems with modern machines equipped, sterilization procedure strictly enforced, safety is ensured: ultrasonic cleaning machine, digitally controlled pre- and post-vacuum steam sterilizers, instrument packages, UV storage for instruments.


Dental sterilization systems with B-Class Standard


Become a dental service provider reputable in high quality care within the areas of porcelain veneers and implants.


Bring health, beauty and joy for customers in Vietnam and abroad.

Customer interest is our top priority. You will receive comprehensive consultation, and get to actively participate in planning and choosing a treatment plan that personalized for you.