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All-On-Four Implants – Full-Mouth Restorations

  • 26/08/2022
  • A few years ago, people who lost all their teeth could only choose to wear removable dentures or had to have 6-8 implants for their full mouth restoration. Now the dental industry has a new solution for those who have lost all teeth. It is all-on-4 dental implant technology. So what is the all-on-4 implant?

    – This is a solution for teeth loss based on 4 implant  placed in the jawbone.

    – This is considered the most economical solution for teeth loss because only 4 implants are used instead of 6-8 implants. This solution was proposed by Dr. Paulo Malo in 1998 and has proven to be effective. Hundreds and thousands of successful all-on-four cases have been reported by doctors worldwide in implant conferences.

    – The final restoration consists of 12 acrylic or composite teeth fixed on a titanium bar. This Bar will be screwed to 4 implants.

    Advantages and disadvantages of all-on-4 implants:

    1. Advantages:

    ❖ The solution to have 4 implants is much more economical than the old solution of 6-8 implants.

    ❖ The implant placement is less invasive, less painful and saves much cost of bone grafting.

    ❖ Restoration can be removed by opening the screw for repair or periodic cleaning every 1-2 years.

    ❖ More aesthetic than other solutions because the lack of soft tissue can be partially compensated by pink denture. The solution of fixed restorations with 6-8 implants would not have pink denture to compensate for the lost bone, so the aesthetics will be more limited.

           The pink denture covers the bone loss gums

         Full mouth implant fixed, restorative bridge without pink denture

    2. Disadvantages:

    ❖ When one implant is damaged, it will almost destroy the entire restoration because 4 implants is the minimum number of implants needed. Therefore, only the best implants such as Nobel and Straumann should be used to ensure success.

    ❖ Acrylic teeth are used to reduce the weight of restorations on implants, making it easy to bond with bars and pink resin. Acrylic teeth have good aesthetics, but because they are easy to get dirty and smelly, they need to be cleaned carefully. On the contrary, if using porcelain teeth, the weight of the restoration is too heavy, maybe 4 implant posts can't stand it. Patients may lose teeth because of poor connection of porcelain teeth with plastic material.

    ❖ Only 12 teeth can be restored instead of 14 teeth. However, 12 teeth are enough to meet the requirements for chewing and aesthetics.

    All on 4 implant placement requires highly skilled doctors and modern dental equipment. Lan Anh Dental Clinic is equipped with a Cone beam CT system, an absolute sterility system and a team of experienced doctors that will bring effective All-on-4 implant results.

    *Note: Treatment results may vary from person to person.


    Lan Anh Dental Clinic, established in 1980, has been operating continuously for more than forty years so far.

    Lan Anh Dental Clinic, established in 1980, has been operating continuously for more than forty years so far.

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