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Cone Beam 3D System Supports Safe and Effective Implant Placement

  • 13/10/2022
  • Taking X-ray is an important and indispensable step in dental treatment. In addition to 2D X-ray films like Panorex, a 3D Cone Beam film will support doctors with more accurate information, help them examine the structure in the maxillofacial region and especially help them place a safe and effective Implant.

    1. What is the Cone Beam system?

    CT cone beam is an X-ray system that gives 3D images to help doctors know the exact width and depth of the bone. In addition, the X-ray film taken with the Cone beam system also clearly shows the correlation between the lower teeth and the nerves, the correlation between the upper teeth and the maxillary sinus, and can check for deep lateral lesions.

    X-ray machine system equipped at Lan Anh Dental clinic

    2. What does Cone Beam film support in treatment?

    Cone beam film best supports minor surgery in the mouth such as wisdom tooth minor surgery because it shows the correlation between the wisdom tooth root and the underlying nerve, helping to locate the extraction position so as not to touch the nerves.

    – Cone beam CT film supports implant placement. The doctor can see the width of the bone to predict the need for bone grafting or not and choose the implant with the most appropriate diameter for the bone socket. Normally, if there is no Cone Beam film, the doctor will predict the implant diameter by measuring the bone width according to the clinical examination method or choose the implant with the smallest diameter to be safe for placement, but the implant may not last long. Thus, Implant placement with the support of Cone beam film will bring much better results.

    Cone Beam CT film shows that the incisors have too thin bones that need bone grafting to place the implant

    – The cone beam film shows the correlation between the upper teeth and the maxillary sinus so that the implant does not fall into the maxillary sinus. It also shows the correlation between the lower teeth and the nerve so that the implant does not compress the nerve. This is an important milestone so that the implant does not cause damage after being placed into the jawbone.

    – CT Cone beam film supports orthodontic treatment to determine the position of the impacted teeth and the positions of teeth that need to be extracted for orthodontic treatment.

    3. What advantages does the Cone beam system have over other X-ray systems?

    – While Panorex film only shows 2 dimensions of upper and lower space, which allow us to know the height of the jawbone, CT Cone Beam shows the width and depth of the bone.

    – The Panorex film only shows images of lesions, but CT Cone Beam will show where the lesion is invasive.

    The image on the left shows only the infected area of the incisor, the 3D film shows the invasion of the infection

    – Sometimes Panorex film gives misleading results such as wisdom teeth compressing the nerve, but actually when we look at CT Cone Beam film, the nerve is not compressed.

    4. Is taking Cone Beam film safe, does it have any health effects?

    The Cone Beam system equipped at Lan Anh Dental Clinic is a new generation Cone beam system that takes only 5 seconds to take a film (compared to ~12 seconds taking a panorex film).

    5. What cases in dental treatment need to take a Cone Beam film?

    In normal cases that can be examined clinically, taking X-rays is not required. In non-special cases, it is suggested to take panorex film to save costs for customers, also it is easier to store medical records for customers by Panorex X-rays because Cone Beam film has a very large capacity. However, in cases where Panorex film gives incomplete results and the doctor needs more information, he will request a Cone bBam film.

    Regardless of cost and storage capacity, Cone Beam film capture isl the method for the most complete and best results.

    6. What diseases can Cone Beam film diagnose?

    Panorex or Cone Beam films can both show pathologies and lesions, but a Cone Beam film helps doctors see how invasive the lesion is and how big it is. At times, Panorex images can be misleading; and Cone Beam film will definitely give clearer results. As a result, Cone beam film can assist doctors in diagnosing different diseases of teeth and jaws.

    7. Can pregnant patients take Cone Beam film?

    Pregnant patients can still take Cone Beam films because the amount of light emitted is very low but need the support of a lead vest.

    Lead vest is equipped for all customers taking x-ray films at Lan Anh Dental Clinic

    In conclusion, taking X-rays helps doctors diagnose more accurately in special cases, and at the same time makes it more convenient for customers during treatment because they don't have to go to another place to take CT scans. Therefore, although the investment cost for the X-ray machine is quite high, Lan Anh Dental decided to do it for the benefit of the customer.

    *Note: Treatment results may vary from person to person.

    Lan Anh Dental Clinic, established in 1980, has been operating continuously for more than forty years so far.

    Lan Anh Dental Clinic, established in 1980, has been operating continuously for more than forty years so far.

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