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Some Cases of Dental Restorations at Lan Anh Dental Clinic

  • 26/08/2022
  • Case 1: Can porcelain veneers be made to look like real teeth?

    Many people talk about "aesthetic porcelain veneer"  but forget that the first goal of porcelain veneers is to restore the teeth that are unfortunately chipped, broken, worn, etc.

    With their thin, highly transparent characteristics, porcelain veneers are actually more suitable for those who want to recreate the "real" tooth, a tooth which is as natural as possible.

    In contrast, as for teeth with dark color, porcelain veneer restorations do not achieve good results.

    Understanding the materials and procedure will help you make the right choice and be satisfied with the treatment results achieved!

    When you reconstruct a "standard" tooth, it is necessary to have an image for others to "admire".

    Case 2: Porcelain crowns for broken teeth

    If patients have teeth with large fillings and teeth that have undergone root canal treatment, they should pay attention to wrapping or reinforcing them early. Otherwise it will lead to bad consequences, and even the loss of teeth.

    The doctor can still reconstruct your tooth after it is broken, but the chewing power of the tooth will be reduced. Because the post must be placed in the root, if the chewing force is too much, the tooth root may be broken and that tooth would have to be removed. 

    Therefore, the doctor needs to consider and evaluate carefully to make porcelain crowns or Inlays so that the teeth are durable and strong for a long time, which can save more costs later!


    Porcelain crowns on broken teeth to protect teeth longer

    Case 3: Porcelain inlay restorations for broken teeth

    Porcelain inlays are both aesthetic and durable, but they must be equipped with on-site CAD/CAM machines to be able to do so. This increases the cost of investment, maintenance and personnel system to operate.

    Therefore, not many dental clinics "invest in" this part.

    Lan Anh Dental's motto is to try to control the results as much as possible, so this CAD/CAM system has been equipped and operated for many years.

    Lan Anh Dental Clinic, established in 1980, has been operating continuously for more than forty years so far.

    Lan Anh Dental Clinic, established in 1980, has been operating continuously for more than forty years so far.

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